Committed To A Safe Workplace

Baystate Engineering's safety program creates a safe environment for our employees to provide quality service to our clients and the public. Weekly meetings and ongoing training ensures a safety conscious work process. We strive to address safety concerns before they reveal themselves, solving problems before they arise. Sound daily practices and constant reminders keep safety a priority at Baystate Engineering and time-loss accidents at a minimum.

Safety Begins At The Top

Baystate Engineering's exceptional safety record is a result of effective planning for safety by our owner, Richard Gordon. Mr. Gordon evaluates each project with safety in mind and has made a commitment to continue to make safety a priority in executing all projects. He has put into place several programmatic safeguards to protect company employees as well as the public. These programs include:

Safety Training - Employees of Baystate Engineering are trained and current in OSHA, DEP, State, and Federal safety regulations. In addition, employees are HAZMAT certified. Baystate Engineering ensures that its employees are up to date in all areas of safety training. Specific planning is done for each individual project and any supplementary safety training necessary is provided before the start of any project.

Tool Box Meetings- Safety meetings are held weekly at the jobsites to address issues regarding jobsite safety, equipment information, general safety, procedure compliance, and environmental concerns. These meetings involve routine attendance and jobsite inspection by safety officers and other safety personnel.

Drug and Alcohol Policy - Baystate Engineering insists on a drug-free work environment. In addition to programs put in place internally, Baystate Engineering is willing to cooperate with any drug testing policies set forth by the customer.
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